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Robotic Assisted Therapy

At Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital our focus is on innovation. We seek opportunities to integrate the latest technology into our programs, so that our patients achieve outcomes far beyond the industry standard.

Westmead Rehabilitation is trialling a range of robotic and computer-assisted therapy devices. Our hospital's rehabilitation physicians and allied health teams have worked collaboratively to successfully introduce robotic therapy into our traditional rehabilitation programs, helping patients reach their rehabilitation goals faster.


The highly anticipated, evidenced-based robotic therapy supplements conventional rehabilitation therapy by increasing the number of repetitions during rehab, for positive patient gains.

Whether Stroke, spinal cord injury, accident, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis disabilities; Tyromotion rehabilitation devices can be applied with a variety of symptoms utilised to improve and enhance recovery.

Intensity, dose and motivation are the three components of 'Tyrotherapy' - three components which are required to be able to achieve the best possible therapeutic results within the shortest time, in a goal-orientated and motivated manner.

Tyrotherapy helps therapists and patients to do the right things at the right time, regardless of location, indication and phase of rehabilitation.

Tyrotherapy program

Tyrotherapy is used in conjunction with conventional therapies and integrated into existing inpatient and day therapy programs at Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital.

What does Tyrotherapy mean for my rehabilitation?

Tyrotherapy broadens the daily therapeutic routine of rehabilitation by training more intensively. It allows you to build on the foundations of traditional rehabilitation, develop ambition, achieve your goals and enjoy therapy.

What are patients saying about Tyrotherapy?

Westmead Rehabilitation director of rehabilitation, said the results and feedback from patients who have trialled the robotics technology has been overwhelmingly positive.

"One of our young stroke survivors said she felt she completed her exercises much more comprehensively on the devices than she did in traditional therapy sessions and we had a patient with multiple sclerosis tell us she felt significant benefit from the couple of weeks of the trial," she said.

"Evidence shows repetition aids recovery and, across the board, patients find the robotics not only challenges but engages them to keep working towards their goals, with gaming and virtual reality incorporated to aid in motivation."

How to access the program

Ask your General Practitioner or Specialist to refer you to our program.

The new robotics will be available to inpatients, day patients and outpatients, with those who are uninsured able to access a package of sessions, tailored to their individual needs.

Tyrotherapy is also available to patients under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and other funding schemes.

Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital is licensed to provide level five rehabilitation, offering intensive programs to patients across all age groups.